Sony unveils "something new" for the PlayStation

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Sony unveils "something new" for the PlayStation

Sony unveils "something new" for the PlayStation. Sony's European Twitter company twittered today on Twitter: "We're getting ready to unveil something new," accompanied by an animation of something under canvas. The PlayStation North American social charts did not address the exposure, suggesting that the waiting message could only apply to Europe. Besides, the clues to what Sony is going to reveal are very few. The tweet comes the day before the biggest gaming conference in Europe, called Gamescom. Despite this, the company forgot the press conference in favor of a media briefing during the Paris match week in October. It can also save announcements for the celebration of the PlayStation Experience. Microsoft did a Gamescom conference, during which it unveiled the Xbox One X Scorpio Project, and explained how to do Pre Order for Xbox One X.

The twitt of playstation on twiter:


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